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Why Should You Buy Rudraksha Beads Online

According to Puranas, there are many instances of the presence of Rudraksha in the life of Lord Shiva. There is a myth that the tears from Lord Shiva fell on the earth and emerged as a Rudraksha tree. So, Rudraksha is considered the sacred and divine. Many scientists have supported the claim and proved that there is a health benefit in the Rudraksha beads. Many websites sell Rudraksha beads online. But, it is essential to find out the authentic online site to buy genuine Rudraksha.

Where can we find the Rudraksha tree?

Rudraksha tree mainly grows in the region of Himalayas in the area of India, Nepal, Java, Sumatra, Myanmar and Indonesia. Indonesia grows more than 70% of these trees while India grows only 5% of the trees. The Rudraksha beads derived from the tree has physical and mental benefits. It can be made as a maala and worn in neck and hand.

Significance of Rudraksha Maala

Rudraksha Maala is usually used when chanting mantra. The beads are available in the range of 108+1, 54+1 and 27+1. Popular personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Osho and many more have worn this maala for its physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Precautions to be followed while wearing Rudraksha Maala

• Take off the maala while involving in any sexual activity.

• It is mandatory for women to take off the Rudraksha during menstrual cycle.

• Rudraksha maala has holy properties so, it is advised not to take Rudraksha to funerals or burial grounds

• It is always better to remove the Rudraksha while performing daily routine of cleansing.

Benefits of buying Rudraksha beads online

By choosing to buy Rudraksha Beads Online, one can get quality testing from experts in the field. One can buy the original Rudraksha beads right from the comfort of their home. Many online portals offer expert certifications for the Rudraksha beads and sell authentic products.

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