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What is the Significance of Lighting a Candle?

Lighting a flame is a long-held practice in numerous social, family and confidence customs. The training is basic crosswise over global fringes and social orders. Lighting candles can bring quietness, center, and solace to members.


In numerous Christian houses of worship, both Catholic and Protestant, lighting a flame while imploring is a typical practice. At the point when submitted freely, people can petition God for others' worries just as their own.

Meditative thought

At the point when an individual wish to contemplate an idea or thought however comes up short on the capacity to shape the suitable words to convey what needs be, lighting a flame is a conventional method to demonstrate the force of her considerations and emotions

MemorialsLighting a flame in memory of a lost cherished one is a centuries-old practice. The training gives the flame lighter a particular time to ponder the expired, just as to ask or mull over their association with the adored one.

Sign of Support

Gatherings of individuals have taken up the act of lighting candles to indicate bolster for some causes. The training, when done by vast quantities of individuals, helps fabricate a feeling of solidarity for the development, just as bring issues to light with respect to the reason.

Virtual Candle Lighting

With the coming of the Internet, flame lighting has spread to online gatherings. An individual can light a virtual flame at numerous online locales, sharing their musings or worries to an expansive group of onlookers.

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