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Tumbled Stones

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Tumbled stones are tiny bits of rocks and minerals that are folded and beautifully glossy. They are produced by putting tough stones in a device recognized as a rock tumbler that tumbles them up to soft and shiny edges and interiors. They are also referred to as "glossy stones," "stacked gems," "antique gems," "rounded rocks," and other designations. Add Tumbled Stones Online to your cart from our store as we are the best in this field

Beautifully carved stones

Attractive and colourful rocks and minerals that have a Mohs hardness between 5 and 8 are the most common plastics used to make dropped stones. Generally speaking, these fabrics are sturdy and tolerate excellent polish. Some of the Tumbled Stones Online Store in India are most frequently lost are mentioned 


  • Amethyst (purple quartz that sometimes has colour-zoning or banding is the major Tumbled Stones Identification)
  • Aventurine (quartz with abundant reflective mineral inclusions)
  • Citrine (a yellow to golden quartz)
  • Orange Quartz
  • Rock Crystal (transparent quartz)
  • Rose Quartz (pink quartz)
  • Smoky quartz (transparent brown quartz)
  • Tiger's-Eye (crystalline quartz that has replaced crocidolite)
  • Yellow Quartz

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