Watching Anoopji’s program I came to learn a lot. Once I went to meet him. There I saw a Computerized Aura Imaging system. For the first time I realized that there is something as Aura, and you cold diagnose and detect ailments through Aura analysis.  When I got my Aura Checked we came to know that I had blood pressure. Then Anoopji gave me a blood stone which I used for two months. I am much relieved now.

- Ashok Gupta from Calcutta

I am a computer operator and I have to put up 8 to 10 hours on computer daily. Recently I developed back pain. One of my friends referred me to Anoopji. I went to Jaina tower to consult him. He got my Aura analysis done and told me that I have problem on my back and my confidence level is quite low. It was in fact true, even I felt so. He prescribed a belt for my back and a confidence stone to enhance my confidence level. From the time I started using them I feel that there is improvement on my back and my confidence level is also improving.

- Harish from Pune

My name is Archana and I am a Journalist. I saw a TV program by Dr Anoop Agarwal. Where in he describes your personality and diagnoses your problems through Aura Analysis. I was eager as to know as how one could do all these through Aura analysis. On getting my Aura analyzed he said that my communication skills are excelled but I am a bit too emotional to express feelings. For that he recommended a love stone. Subsequent to that I could feel a tremendous change in myself. Finally I got convinced that through Aura Analysis how nicely the personality of a person could be described.

- Archana from Mumbai
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