Had to take out some time to write the feedback. Am extremely happy with the quality of the stones and how beautifully they been out together. I feel privileged for having knowledge to understands the Crystal lattices and the energy surge of the crystals  being a geology student.

- Major Mandeep kamboj

 Dear Sir,

I am happy to inform you that today I got the ordered item. 
The item is so pretty although I thought it would be a bit bigger but I love it. I will be using it as a pendant. I am also happy that the item was delivered so fast. 
You can rest assured that if I have to buy any crystal items in future, you will be the only site I will buy from because I believe all the crystals are authentic, as declared by you which is a very important aspect for me as I buy such items not only for decorative purpose but for healing and removing all the negative vibes which only genuine and pure crystals can do. So thank you.
At this juncture though, I regret to inform that long ago/last year? I had purchased a tooth-shaped transparent crystal pendant with small red stone on the holder, for my son. I think I paid Rs.450/- for it.... you must be having the details of this purchase on your system. However, within a short time the top part holding the crystal broke so I had to give it for repair and replaced the holder with silver which now looks very nice. 
I must also again thank you for not charging me for the small turquoise stone (my birthstone) which I subsequently ordered because the previous order was delayed and this was given to me free of cost. I love this too. I feel like I am dealing with Thank you for your concern, understanding and help.
Finally, thank you for making this order possible. It could not be placed online as usually done because I had forgotten my password and there was no way to regenerate new one online.  
Your co-operation and help are greatly appreciated.
Sandra Francis. 

- Sandra Francis

My name Shalini and I stay in Gurgaon. My confidence was quite low and I was unable to take my own decision. I saw a TV program by Anoop Agarwalji. I met him and he recommended some crystal stones. I used them as recommended by him. It was very helpful, I have considerably improved on my confidence level and I am able to take my own decisions now. Being benefitted I conveyed to my aunt who was suffering from severe joint pain and due to which she could not move around freely, like boarding a bus or getting op on the stairs etc. When she consulted Anoopji he gave some crystal stones. Now she is comfortable and has no difficulty in moving around. Further to this there was a lot of negativity at home and had one or the disturbances. She was recommended some crystals for that. At present she completely out of such problems and leading a comfortable life. I would like to request you all to consult Dr Anoop Agarwal for any problem that you might have. I am sure he would be able to help you through crystal therapy.

- Shalini from Gurgaon

My name is Jogesh Kumar and I run a computer hardware business. As time passed my business was on a downward trend. One of my friend recommended Dr Anoop Agarwal’s name to me. When I explained my problem to him, he said that I was a victim of sorcery or black magic. Some evil force has cast a spell on me due to which my home and business are in shambles. As a remedial measure he gave few crystals, of which I had wear some and some were to be placed on strategic places at home. After this the environment home and my business improved substantially. Seeing the results I took my sister to him as she was not able to get a suitable match for marriage. For this he gave her some more crystals. Now my sister is engaged and by the grace of almighty would be happily married soon. Further to this I took my friend’s sister him who is 34 years of age. As she too had problems on getting a good matrimonial match she was recommended crystal therapy. Now she has started getting very good marriage proposals. I am very positive that she would get a suitable match to her liking very soon. I it is my humble request to you all that you should meet Anoopji at least once as he has a positive solution to all your problems. At times when any other healing method or doctors are helpless, you may certainly find a solution here with him.

- Jogesh Kumar from Surat

My name is Anita and I watched a TV program by Anoop Agarwalji wherein he describes about master crystals. When I met him he gave me a master crystal through which I could fulfill all my aspirations. I have two nieces who were not very much interested in their studies. The younger one was worst of the two. When I explained it to him he gave me some crystals. From the time I used them, both of them have considerably improved on their studies. The elder one who was better in her studies has further improved and now secured first position amongst all the three sections in her class. I am very happy now and recommended to my friends who too enjoyed the benefit of crystal healing by Anoopji. I am thankful to the almighty for having helped me to meet Dr Anoop Agarwal and get my problems resolved.

- Anita from Patna

My name is Sanjay Singh and I am running my own business. I had a lot of problem running it. When I met Anoopji he gave me some crystals. Within a week I started getting a lot of benefit in my business. As I was also short tempered and these crystals were of great help on improving my tolerance level. Now we have Pease and harmony at home.

- Sanjay Singh from Kanpur

My name is Ashok Kumar Jain and I am associated with the corporate world. You must be well aware that the corporate world is very much target oriented. Getting tensed up is quite natural. Two years back I got in touch with Dr Anoop Agarwal and he explained me about meditation. I used the meditation kit that he gave exactly as advised. On using the meditation kit I had a tremendous improvement in my attitude and working style. I am very much relieved now and my tensions are eased out. I am keeping good health now and I am very much thankful to him for all this.

- Ashok Kumar Jain from Ujjain

My name is Jaspreet Singh and I stay in Delhi. I am a student. Earlier I was not interested in my studies. I could not retain or recollect whatever I studied. I met Dr Anoop Agarwal and he recommended a crystal stone. I was very helpful. I used it exactly the way he recommended. Now I am able to retain whatever I have learnt much better and fared well in my exams. Now I am studying Computers and also take care of my business.

- Jaspreet Singh from West Bengal

My name is vishal Sateeja and I have my own business. Approximately two years back I felt that I have negative feelings disturbing and due to which I was quite upset. I could not concentrate on my work and used to get tired quite often. I was depressed. During this period I met Dr Anoop Agarwal. I discussed my problems with him. He educated me on Crystal Therapy. It is two years since I have been wearing the stone he recommended. I could gradually feel the improvement. Further I had a lot of problems at home and the atmosphere there was quite disturbing. I told Anoopji about this and gave me a crystal stone. Now it is two years since then and during this period there is a lot of improvement and coordination has developed within the family members. I am very thankful to him.

- vishal Sateeja from Ambala

My name is Ashish Jain and I am working for an airlines. Nearly an year and a half back I had problem in getting a suitable job and had to switch over a number of times, but still not able to find a job to my liking. During this time I met Dr Anoop Agarwal and he prescribed a crystal stone to wear. Having worn the stone on a ring it changed my life completely. I started getting very good job offers. Now whenever I have any problem I consult Dr Anoop Agarwal.

- Ashish Jain from Yamuna Nagar
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