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Seichem Reiki

Color : MIX
Dimension : 5X4
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SP : INR 7,500.00
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Seichem Reiki: Seichem also spelt Sekhem, Seichim, SKHM, is a form of energy healing introduced by Patrick Zeigler in 1984. Some practitioners believe that Seichim/Sekhem is an ancient and sacred form of hands on healing that originates from Egypt or perhaps earlier. Practitioners claim that it is "the Parent Energy" of all healing systems based around the laying on of hands. Others believe that Seichem is the energy of the universe manifested through the feminine vibration of the Mother Goddess, which they say is that known by the Buddhists as Kuan Yin and by the Egyptians as Hathor, of whom Sekhmet is the warrior aspect.

Anybody can be attuned to Seichem and be able to use this healing energy on themselves and others. There are three levels (or degrees) of training, which are taught in short workshops. Each degree provides you with an opening up to deeper levels of your own being and is in fact an initiation, a new beginning. The real learning and integration is how you use and develop this energy in your own unique way. To briefly sum up the different degrees, these are:

1st Seichem degree: attunements to open up the energy centres so that you can channel Reiki or Seichem healing energy. Instruction and practice on using this energy on yourself and others.

2nd Seichem Degree: further attunements to enable you to bring through a greater amount of healing energy, the uses of symbols in healing, distant healing and further techniques.

3rd Seichem Degree: Seichem Mastership
The final degree which enables you to teach and initiate others.

  • IIAH SEICHEM 1 consists of:
    • IIAH Reiki 1 plus
    • One third of the first degree Seichem
    • One third of the first degree Seichem Symbol and
    • One third of the first levels of Seichem Light


  • IIAH SEICHEM 2 consists of:
    • IIAH Reiki 2 plus
    • Two thirds of the first degree Seichem
    • Two thirds of the first degree Seichem Symbol and
    • Two thirds of the first levels of Seichem light


  • IIAH SEICHEM MASTERY consists of :-
    • IIAH Reiki Mastery plus
    • The complete first degree of Seichem
    • The complete first degree of Seichem Symbol

The co mplete first level of Seichem light 

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Based on 2 reviews & Ratings.


Based on 2 reviews & Ratings.

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Prithvi Pali Singh

Seichem Reiki

After grand master in Reiki I did it and found it most needed to be master


Aju Scaria

Seichem Reiki

Never thought that this Reiki will be available in India. Thanks Dr. Anoop Agarwal

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