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Mental Health Counselling

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Tension issue includes exorbitant dread or stress of individuals/circumstance/occasion/item or spot. Tension is frequently confused with state of resembling pulse or respiratory failure. Drugs helped in controlling my physical manifestations and facilitated my uneasiness. When the side effect is settled I feel as though everything is ordinary yet I additionally know it's not equivalent to previously.

We as a whole have encountered tension a few or the other time in our lives like before giving a meeting, test or introduction.

Individuals with Anxiety issue experience such condition much of the time or explicit to specific individuals/circumstance/occasion/item or spot which doesn't permit them to lead life ordinarily. The nervousness side effects are extreme and the indications meddle with their everyday life. Stress and dread is consistent and overpowering.

Anxiety Spectrum

Anxiety Disorder includes various conditions like

Generalized anxiety disorder

People tend to worry about anything and everything in life. They don’t seem to have specific cause for their worry it can be anything, which gradually starts affecting their physical and emotional health tremendously.


Phobia is an irrational and excessive fear of an object or situation. Phobia can trigger through exposure or thinking of feared object or situation.

Panic Disorder

It is an intense fear or discomfort that reaches a peak within 10 minutes or less and then begins to subside.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people. People with social anxiety are many times seen by others as being shy, quiet, withdrawn, inhibited, unfriendly, nervous, aloof, and disinterested. People with social anxiety want to make friends, be a part of groups, and be involved and engaged in social gatherings but it is anxiety that holds them back.


Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is an excessive fear of losing or getting harmed by the major attachment figure and it interferes with or limits an adult’s daily life functioning in a variety of ways.

Retroactive jealousy

It involves obsessive thoughts about partner’s past sexual encounters. Retroactive jealousy could lead to making a pleasant relationship turn sour resulting into divorce or break-ups.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

In OCD people exhibit compulsive behavior in particular form to deal with anxiety provoking situation. OCD comes in various themes- checking, repeating, cleanliness, organizing and obsessive thoughts.

Substance induced Anxiety

Overuse or mix of different substance or alcohol also leads to increased anxiety, palpitations and other symptoms.


Generalized anxiety disorder

People tend to worry about anything and everything in life. They don’t seem to have specific cause for their worry it can be anything, which gradually starts affecting their physical and emotional health tremendously.

Traumatic experience or exposure

Tragic experience or exposure often imprints us with unpleasant and fearful memories which do not allow us to think rationally or practically. For example, witnessing an accident, exposure to unpleasant sight, abuse.

Drug or alcohol withdrawal

Abstaining from alcohol after prolonged use may come with its side effects, withdrawal symptoms induces higher level of anxiety periodically until it wears off.

Future security or anticipation

Worrying about future like finance, security, stability, loneliness etc. may lead to anxiety.

Stress build-up

Dealing with ongoing stress itself may cause lots of worry and often person starts responding to stress causing event or people in anxious manner.


People who are born with anxiety traits may find anything out of their comfort zone or minor change in comfort zone anxiety producing.

Undisciplined or sedentary habits

Fast paced lifestyle and unhealthy eating and routine may provoke un-warned anxiety over a period of time.

Genetic or Biochemical factor

Changes in brain chemistry due to medical factors, age, biological changes can lead to anxiety.

Medical or medicine induced Anxiety

Chronic illness or serious health condition may lead to excessive worry in terms of finances, health risk, long term medical dependency, side-effects of medicines.

Work stress

Work life has become one of the major stress creating aspect of everyone’s life, it not only affects the working person but their family due to unavailability, lack of quality time. Prolonged work hours, demanding job, pressure and exhaustion can take an adverse toll on their life.

Bullying and Harassment

Bullying is prevalent in various organization be it school, college or workplace in different forms. Taking undue advantage, taking employees for granted, constant demotivation and negativity, inter and intra politics becomes a reason for bullying and abuse in various forms. This may result in anxious and restless tendencies in employees.

Childhood trauma

Youth injury has a noteworthy effect in the general forming of psychological and passionate cosmetics of an individual, which later on become a significant reason for emotional well-being concerns and stresses in adulthood.

Tension issue is one of the regular mental issues and can be treated with medicine and treatment. Prescription gives help from physical side effects of nervousness.

Treatment transcendently manages causes to fix the issue on a drawn out premise. It has end up being a powerful mode in managing tension. Treatment takes in to think all components like contemplations, feelings and practices and either manages every component independently or in blend.

Counselling Process

History taking

It helps in getting base, activating occasions/circumstance and seriousness of the reaction.


Diverse loosening up methodologies helps in controlling and settling anxiety, which further helps with overseeing energetic and sensible segment adequately. Loosening up in like manner helps in overseeing upset rest cycle. Loosening up gatherings, change from case to case, dependent upon the reality and response case of the client. Regardless, all things considered 2 gatherings are valuable to oversee physical and social reactions.

Different unwinding strategies help in controlling and settling uneasiness, which further assists with managing passionate and reasonable component soundly. Unwinding likewise helps in managing upset rest cycle. Unwinding meetings fluctuate from case to case contingent upon the seriousness and reaction example of the customer. In any case, by and large 2 meetings are useful to manage physical and social side effects.




When the uneasiness is controlled and settled, customer and specialist again re-deal with the triggers and take out unfortunate, ineffective idea designs.


Thought and feeling legitimization


This progression helps in managing considerations and feelings in increasingly point by point way and plans a procedure that would suit the customer's reaction and managing example to come out with positive result.

Dealing with facts

There are circumstance which are true or valid in nature however event of the equivalent has left us terrified and on edge. Some place our reality or specific part of our life stops which starts influencing us and noteworthy others from numerous points of view. Treatment helps in investigating ways of dealing with stress to manage such circumstances.


Notwithstanding treatment, scarcely any way of life alterations are additionally consolidated to accomplish wanted outcomes and continue enhancement for long haul premise.


The quantity of meetings required managing tension and each phase of nervousness depends from individual to individual, seriousness of the worry and how an individual methodologies or manages such circumstances.


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