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  1. Why satyamani.in?

If you've ever seen an elderly couple walking down the street holding hands, you've likely wished the same happiness for yourself and your spouse in the years to come. Happy couples do such things irrespective of the fact that they've been married for a year or 50. Having a healthy marriage doesn't vary as per circumstances, but upon partner’s attitude and actions.


Why do people get married? They do so because they are in search of life-long companionship, through which they can fill their life with love and happiness.


When it comes to marriage, the first thing which comes to our mind is long-lasting relationship which makes us feel secure & happy. In order to live a happy married life, it is essential to accept our spouse as they are. The first and most important thing in a marriage is to have compatibility and stay happy. Everyone has different beliefs, thinking patterns, opinions, and viewpoints. Therefore, no two people can think alike. Hence, we can say that marriage is a merger of two person having different sets of beliefs and mind-sets. Everyone is in search of true love. But due to current lifestyle and careers with trend of globalization, people are trapped in problems, concerned only about themselves, their ambitions and not about the partner or family’s priorities. As a result, they end up neglecting issues that matter most in the long-lasting relationships. Due to this trend, one more focused on materialistic things. With the result, in such a materialistic situation the emotions and feeling take a back foot and we end up messing the things in our life. In a marriage, it is really important that you stay happy and satisfied. 


Due to these unlike mind sets, a couple tends to differ in terms of the way they deal with different matters in life. These differences create conflict in marriage, thus resulting in an unhappy marriage. Like any other relationship a marriage needs time and mutual understanding of the couple to keep going in this special bond. At times, it becomes tough to manage and handle the situation in married life, but one thing that is really important during difficult time is to have faith on each-other. So, instead of arguing and shouting on each-other, we should think about different way to deal with these kinds of problems. We at satyamani.in provide you guidance and solutions of different problems, one feels before getting into any lifetime commitment…


At satyamani.in, Prepare and guide individuals towards a better marriage through CARE (Create Awareness Respect Each) with each other last forever. Help individuals struggling with interpersonal relationships through counselling and guidance.

Promote healthy life styles among members of the family.

Guide families towards better financial planning and management.

Guide families towards better family planning and management.

Offer parental guidance for more fruitful interaction with children and young adults.

And many more……………..

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