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Ashtdhatu Brass Copper

These are the special collection by Satyamani for daily uses and personal growth. These include various items of Ashtdhatu, Brass and Copper metals. These metals have got a major impact on our life. You can also buy Ashtadhatu Brass Copper products online in India.

Ashtdhatu Hair Kada/Bracelet & Ring

Satyamani Asthdatu Kada/Bracelet is used for Wealth & Prosperity. Wearing of this bracelet gives physical fitness and mental peace. By taking...View More

Brass Bowl

Satyamani Brass Bowl for Sage Burning handcrafted support offering bowl with a smooth surface and made of brass. May be filled with sand and used as a...View More

Brass Plates for Puja

Satyamani Brass Plate for Pooja 22 cm with Gayatri Mantra It Is A Beautiful Brass Thali with Gayatri Mantra Engraved In The Centre. Puja thali is used...View More

Copper Bottles

Satyamani Leak Proof Pure Copper Colourful Hexagon Sticker Bottles for Water 1 Litre for Travelling. Water is the most essential element to sustain li...View More

Copper Glass

Satyamani Copper Glass for Water 250 ml. Diamond waves a great remedy for ulcers, indigestion and infections. Copper also helps cleanse and detox your...View More

Copper Yantra

When you worship him properly, he blesses you with money, material comforts and success. Offering your dedicated prayers to his Yantra revitalizes you...View More

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