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  • Satyamani Natural Energized Purpurite 8 mm Bead Bracelet (Pack of 1Pc)

Satyamani Natural Energized Purpurite 8 mm Bead Bracelet (Pack of 1Pc)

Color : Purple
Dimension : 2.5" Diameter/Strechable
MRP : INR 2,200.00
SP : INR 1,649.00
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"1. Stone:  Purpurite  
2. Colour: Purple
3. Type:  Stretchable 
4. Energized:  100% Energized.
5. Use By:  unisex
6. Use For:   It aids you to have confidence in your abilities to verbalize your thoughts clearly, and with total lack of obstruction.
7. Clarity:  Opaque 
8. Originality:  Natural
9. Mark: these are natural stone so there colour variation in it or sometime there are holes in it. Insidethe stones there are grains which look like the cracks but these are natural.
10. Design : 8 mm Bead Bracelet 
11. Package Quantity: Pack of 1 Pc."


Satyamani Natural Energized Purpurite 8 mm Bead Bracelet is a purple stone that encourages you to feel free to speak out. It aids you to have confidence in your abilities to verbalize your thoughts clearly, and with total lack of obstruction. This stone has strong metaphysical properties, and is an excellent stone to help with stress. If you have any issues related to real estate sales its energy may benefit you. If you have been aware of any self-destructive situations that may be limiting your personal growth, this stone helps to clear these problems. It embodies within it the violet flame energy, which is highly spiritual in nature. This energy also has powerful healing abilities, and offers strong psychic protection. This energy makes it one of the excellent ways to let go of stress, and it may be helpful to keep it on you if you are feeling anxious or stressed. It stimulates highly spiritual energies of clarity and insight, sharp focus and strong accord with others. It aids compromise, and helps the thinker to avoid the deceptions of others. It allows the growth of courtesy and tactfulness of those involved. So the energy of any group situation may be improved by using this beautiful purple stone. Satyamani Natural Energised Purpurite 8 mm Bead Bracelet may open the crown chakra as well as open the eighth chakra above that, and link them down to the base or root chakra. Many people who use it find that after they have been using it for some time, it may take you higher, to the soul star chakra and the higher transpersonal chakras, where it is said to aid enlightenment. .(Rest Details and Usage Method will be sent along with the product).

DISCLAIMER: No claims are made on metaphysical properties of this stone. These literature is collected from writings, books, folklore and various sources. The actual product may slightly vary from picture as these are natural stone and no two stones can same in pattern.

Color is purple (hence the name).

Luster is vitreous to sub-metallic.

Transparency: Crystals are translucent to opaque.

Crystal System is orthorhombic; 2/m2/m2/m

Crystal Habits generally are massive grains or crusts.

Cleavage is good in one and poor in another direction.

Fracture is uneven.

Hardness is 4 - 4.5.

Specific Gravity is approximately 3.3 (above average)

Streak is deep red to purple.

Other Characteristics: Brown coatings can be removed by weak acid baths that can also bring out more purple color.

Associated Minerals are lithiophyllite, heterosite, quartz and feldspars.

Notable Occurrences include Namibia; western Australia; North Carolina, USA and France.

Best Field Indicators are color, associations, lack of crystals and luster.

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