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  • Satyamani Natural Energized Angelite Point Pendant for Protection and Compassion

Satyamani Natural Energized Angelite Point Pendant for Protection and Compassion

Color : Blue
Dimension : 35x8x8 mm.
MRP : INR 650.00
SP : INR 360.00
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"1. Stone Name: Angelite(Anhydrite)
2. Weight: 6 gm. Approx.
3. Colour:  Sky Blue (light blue)
4. Energized:  Yes
5. Originality: Natural 
6. Clarity: Opaque
7. Size: 35x8x8 mm.
8. Use for: Osteoporosis, Sleep, Water Retention, Heal Throat and Crown Chakra, Acceptance, Compassion, Emotional Pain, Fear, Insecurity, Angel Communication and Connection, Astral Projection and Traveling, Attunement, Clairvoyance, Spiritual Protection, Telepathy, Visualization, sends energy to the Soul Star chakra, clearer communication and during meditation to enhance the meditative state
9. Mark: These are natural stone so there are colour variations in it or sometime there are holes in it. Inside the stones there are grains which look like the cracks but these are natural. Beautiful sky blue, opaque, <10% white/orange Matrix
10. Design: Six Faceted Point Pendant
11. Used by: Unisex 
12. In the box: 1 pc of pendant only without chain 


Satyamani Natural Energised Angelite Point Pendant is made from angelite a healing mineral comes in soft blue color, which is a stone of heightened consciousness and peace. It gives protection in the environment around your body. This stone promotes compassion and understanding, helps you to speak the truth when this is difficult, alleviates psychological pain, enhances astrological understanding, increases telepathy and facilitates contact with angels. Healers use Angelite to unblock energy pathways. It can be used for relief from throat inflammations, and to balance the thyroid. Angelite also repairs and soothes tissues and blood vessels. It is very useful for weight control. For best results use the cabochon as recommended. Please wash this stone on clean water every time before use. It improves the perception of inner awareness and brings spiritual qualities closer to the personality inspires and leads you to the acceptance of the truth deepen the state of meditation. (Rest of the details will send you along with the product) Note: these are natural stones so there may be the difference in color and in drawing of the stone as per their occurrence in the nature. The stones have grains in them, which are due to their crystal structure. These are natural stones so they are not completely finished some cracks and holes are there due to the variation of hardness in stones. You will get 100% similar product as per the availability in the stock.

DISCLAIMER: No claims are made on metaphysical properties of this stone. These literature is collected from writings, books, folklore and various sources. The actual product may slightly vary from picture as these are natural stone and no two stones can same in pattern.

Chemical Formula



Calcium sulfate


Colorless, white, yellow, gray, blue, orange-red, red, pink, purple.


White to light gray


3 - 3.5

Crystal System




Crystal Forms 
and Aggregates

Individual crystals, which are tabular and prismatic, are uncommon. Usually occurs as fibrous, parallel veins that break off into cleavage fragments, and as fan-like groupings. Also occurs grainy, massive, nodular, as rectangular cleavage fragments, and as easily cleavable crystal groupings.


Transparent to translucent

Specific Gravity

2.9 - 3.0


Vitreous to pearly


2,3 - forming a cube


Uneven to splintery



Other ID Marks

Many specimens are fluorescent.

Complex Tests

Specimens that are not fluorescent may become fluorescent after heating.

In Group

Sulfates; Anhydrous Sulfates

Striking Features

Cleavage properties, crystal habits, and low specific gravity.


In sedimentary rock layers, in salt domes, and in igneous traprock.

Rock Type

Igneous, Sedimentary

Popularity (1-4)



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