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  • Satyamani Natural Chrysotile in Serpentine Oval Pendant

Satyamani Natural Chrysotile in Serpentine Oval Pendant

Color : Green
Dimension : 35x25x5 mm.
MRP : INR 1,200.00
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For International Buyers :
Through Express Delivery INR 4,500.00 Will be Charged. Delivery May Take 5-8 Working Days

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"1. Stone Name:  Chrysotile in Serpentine
2. Weight:  8 gm. Approx.
3. Colour:  White to greyish green 
4. Energized:  Yes
5. Originality: Natural 
6. Clarity: Translucent
7. Size: 35x25x5 mm.    .    
8. Use for: Open up and improve the psychometric sense, look into a past life, let go of any karmic and emotional attachments, help broaden the mind, improves mind focus and brings a higher attention to detail mind state as needed,  Strengthen the bodies vascular system
9. Mark: These are natural stone so there colour variation in it or sometime there are holes in it. Inside the stones there are grains which look like the cracks but these are natural. soft, fibrous silicate mineral in the serpentine
10. Design: Oval Pendant
11. Used by: Unisex 
12. In the box: 1 pc of pendant without chain."


Satyamani Natural Chrysotile in Serpentine Oval Pendant is made with an authentic, natural crystal or stone that is hand selected. This pendant was made carefully to attune the Universal Life Force with the harmony of the setting and the metaphysical properties of the stones. The result is a pendant of high energy and focus. You will find these to be energizing and refreshing to wear or use. This pendant contains a variety of uses from being used as a necklace to being hung in your vehicle as a good luck charm. This specific pendant was created just for you. It comes with a black satin cord. The photo shows the exact item you will receive. Chrysotile in Serpentine is primarily a stone used for protecting your wellbeing, preserving your beliefs, and calming your spirit. These hearts are outstanding meditation aids. They will help you calm your spirit and ease your passage through the hectic days ahead. They will protect your spirit. (Rest details will be sent along with the product) Note: These are natural stones and only shape has been given. Please note that you will be sent a similar pendant which is 100% natural. Availability may subject to in stock product. Data is collected from healers all over the world. We do not claim anything.

DISCLAIMER: No claims are made on metaphysical properties of this stone. These literature is collected from writings, books, folklore and various sources. The actual product may slightly vary from picture as these are natural stone and no two stones can same in pattern.

Chemical Formula



Basic copper silicate, often with some aluminum. The composition of this mineral is usually variable and it therefore lacks a definitive chemical composition.

Variable Formula

(Cu2-x,Alx)H2-xSi2O5(OH)4 · nH2O


Bright green, bluish-green, sky blue, gray. May be mottled or multicolored green and blue.


White to pale blue


2 - 4

Crystal System


Crystal Forms 
and Aggregates

Chrysocolla is never in visible crystals. It is almost always in botryoidal, reniform, or stalactitic groups, in rounded balls, and in massive form. Also in solid and fibrous veins, in tufts of fibrous crystals, and in crusts. Frequently forms pseudomorph after other minerals, especially Azurite.


Translucent to Opaque

Specific Gravity

2.0 - 2.2


Vitreous to greasy




Conchoidal to uneven



In Group

Silicates; Phyllosilicates

Striking Features

Bright color, hardness, and habits


As a secondary alteration mineral in the oxidation zone of copper deposits, hydrothermal replacement deposits, and in igneous rocks.

Rock Type

Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic

Popularity (1-4)


Prevalence (1-3)


Demand (1-3)



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