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  • Satyamani Natural Black Labradorite 8 mm Beads (Set of 5 pc.)

Satyamani Natural Black Labradorite 8 mm Beads (Set of 5 pc.)

Color : Multi color
Dimension : 8x8 mm.
MRP : INR 900.00
SP : INR 600.00
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Satyamani Natural Black Labradorite 8 mm Beads (Set of 5 pc.):
Stretchable Elastic Handmade Natural Black Labradorite | Diameter : 2.5 Inch. | Stone Size – 8 mm | Shape - Round.
Natural Healing Stone Bracelet for Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Numerology, Tarot, Astrology & Feng Shui
100% Authentic, Original and Natural Healing Stone / Crystal - small holes, crack marks on the surface or inside the stones are often visible
Material : Natural Healing Stones See Images & Product Description For Healing Properties /Advantages
Reiki Healing Stone Bracelet for Men, Women, Boys, Girls, Best for Gifting & Personal Use. Charged By Reiki Grand Master & Vastu Expert

Satyamani Natural Black Labradorite 8 mm Beads (Set of 5 pc.) is a gemstone of mystical mystery that helps to clear and open all the chakras and energy centres within your body. With brilliant rainbow flashes of blue and green, these Labradorite beads allow you to explore the expanded states of the universe. Labradorite helps to purify the energy of your aura, bringing in the energy of light and the colors of the rainbow. Connecting with the energy of a Labradorite sphere sheds light on any unknown or “dark” situation. Labradorite sphere is a power crystal that helps you see through any illusions to determine the actual, tangible form of your dreams and goals. It helps to create an energetic shield that protects your aura and strengthens your personal energy. This helps prevent others from tapping into and draining your personal energy supply. 

DISCLAIMER: No claims are made on metaphysical properties of this stone. These literature is collected from writings, books, folklore and various sources. The actual product may slightly vary from picture as these are natural stone and no two stones can same in pattern.

Chemical Formula



Sodium calcium aluminum silicate. The ratio of sodium to calcium is about 7:3. The amount of aluminum atoms are between 1 and 2, and the amount of silicon atoms are between 3 and 2.

In the Plagioclase Feldspar series, Labradorite contains between 30 and 50 percent Albite (Ab), and between 50 and 70 percent Anorthite (An).


White, gray, light blue, light green, pale orange-red, black, usually with a strong multicolored display of purple, blue, and green schillers. A variety from Finland known as Spectrolite, shows the Schillereffect with dark reds, orange, yellow, blues and green color flashes.




6 - 6.5

Crystal System


Crystal Forms 
and Aggregates

Labradorite rarely forms in crystals. When it does, they are generally tabular and often twinned. Most commonly occurs massive , grainy , as elongated fragments, as chunky masses, and rounded.


Transparent to translucent

Specific Gravity

2.69 - 2.72


Vitreous to pearly


2,1 - basal ; 2,1 - prismatic ; 3,1 - pinacoidal. The cleavage angle is about 90º.


Conchoidal to uneven



In Group

Silicates; Tectosilicates; Feldspar Group

Striking Features

Play of color, hardness, cleavage, and crystal forms


In igneous environments in diabase, and in contact metamorphic rocks.

Rock Type

Igneous, Metamorphic

Popularity (1-4)


Prevalence (1-3)


Demand (1-3)



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