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Satyamani 100% natural cow dung Dhoop Batti with Rose Leaves

Color : brown
Dimension : 25x15x15 mm.
MRP : INR 549.00
SP : INR 369.00
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"1. Natural & Organic, Natural Havan Fragrance
2. Saves nature and mother cow
3. Meditative & Increases concentration
4. Cleanses surroundings & keeps away mosquitoes
5. Improves vastu of the house
6. Pleasent smell calms the mind
7. 100% ecofriendly – ash of the stick keeps away skin diseases
8. Harmless smoke, which keeps diseases away!
9. 100% Safe smoke, you can light around kids and asthmatic people
10. From Fresh Rose Petals"
11. Buy one get One free
12. Keep outside after 5 minutes"

Satyamani 100% natural cow dung dhoop batti with Neem Leafs is 100% natural cow dung dhoop batti (incense stick), made with rare herbs like kapoor, laung,etc.,with cow dung to give you benefits of HAVAN in your house. 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC – The cleansing fragrance of incense is predominant in this Dhoop blend. This Dhoop uses 100% natural ingredients including cow dung, and other natural and scarce herbs to cleanse and purify. AYURVEDIC HERBS – Ayurvedic herbs have been traditionally used since Vedic times to prevent infections and purify one’s environmental atmosphere besides energising vital Prana in the body. MADE USING PANCHABHOOT – All our Dhoops are created along the Ayurvedic principles of Panchabhoot and each blend is a harmonious synergy of these five elements. Through the burning of dhoop, the sense of smell which bypasses the rational mind can affect the more subtle layers of the human being, Bringing about balance and harmony, thus promoting good health and well-being, enhancing the mood and creating a pleasant atmosphere. THE DHOOP IMPROVES THE VASTU OF YOUR HOUSE. 


Satyamani Aroma ranges of products are based on natural Organic herbal Ingredients. Hand processed Dhoop incense made with the combination of cow dung, desi ghee and various herbs having natural aroma and healing properties like, Besil, Neem, Sage etc. Health being on highest priority and need of the hour, Satyamani Aroma products are non-chemical based and have proved to be very effective and established a new regime of wellness. Each product has been put through several tests to ensure safety and hygiene of high standards.  Moreover comfort of the child has always been the prime objective. 

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