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Salt therapy is a natural therapy that has been practiced for over 100 years. It involves relaxing in a specialised room filled with dry salt particles and can help cleanse the airways and skin, as well as aid recovery and general wellbeing.

Salt therapy is a natural complementary therapy. A specialised Halogenerator grinds Pharmaceutical Grade salt into minute breathable particles and disperses these particles into the salt room.

Salts of the Earth are salt therapy specialists. Our centres are designed exclusively for salt therapy and utilise state of the art devices to optimise the conditions within our salt rooms.

Whilst in a session, the salt particles are inhaled deep into the lungs to help loosen congestion, increase oxygen intake and cleanse the airways of smoke, dust, pollution, pollens and other allergens. When the salt lands on the skin it can also help to improve your skin health and relieve the symptoms of certain skin conditions. Consistency is key. Regular salt therapy may help relieve the symptoms of a range of respiratory and skin conditions, improve sleep, assist athletic performance and promote general health and wellbeing.

Salt therapy is a complementary therapy and is intended to be used alongside conventional medical treatment. Results may vary between clients and we recommend you discuss the use of salt therapy with your GP.

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