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Reiki Services


Reiki healing therapy is a scientific method for curing diseases, ailments, and deficiency. It may be called a paramedical method but in fact, it is a super medical process, which deals with individual energy as well as cosmic energy. Time taken for curing a patient depends upon the forces and concentration of his mental energy. It is all and all a positive treatment with no side effects and does not interfere in or disturb other treatments, but it is always helpful only and enhances positive effects. In Reiki, the mental attitude of the healer, as well as the patient, is most important.

The healer must direct all his energy towards the Patient with full concentration while the patient must open up his heart and mind. He should feel and should be full of thought that he is recovering fast. His mind should be fully receptive. In short, we can say that the healer is a medium of directing and channelizing the cosmic energy to the patient. Hence attunement of the healer and the patient is most important. Reiki reposes faith in the spiritual power and spiritual aspect of life. So it is also the threshold of higher levels of human life. In the modern times of the materialistic world, Reiki has become more significant. High-tech and high-speed life has become a burden of full of mental tension and stress. People are addicted to medicines for relief and sleep. Reiki gives sleep and removes imbalances and disorders.

What is Reiki Healing Treatment?

Satyamani is the best Reiki healing service provider in India provides information about Reiki, Reiki treatment and Reiki distance healing services. Reiki is a touch healing technique; which can heal the past, improve present and build the future also.

How Reiki came into existence?

Dr. Mikao Usui, Japanese, rediscovered it in the early 20th century. The initial task of Dr. Mikao Usui was to discover how spiritual leaders such as the Buddha and Christ were able to perform miraculous healing through mere touch without depleting their own energy reserves. A deep spiritual experience led him to devote several years of study. During his quest, he experienced intense energy gratification, which had healing power. He named this energy – Reiki. Which in fact, is? Now the question arises how a person can heal others without giving any medicine, injection, etc. even a person who is not of medical science can also heal others.

How Reiki treatment therapy helps in healing our past karmas and can change our future also. To understand these questions first of all we should know the meaning of Reiki. It is a Japanese word. This is the combination of two words Rei and Ki. Rei means white light of the universe and Ki means ‘use of’ or technique. Reiki, therefore, means the technique of using white light of the universe. Every human being is full of inner powers. The only thing is we don’t recognize our powers. This healing system works by raising the vibrations, of the being or object to be healed, closer to that of the healer. Reiki is a multi-dimensional energy healing system, which can heal the cause of a problem at whatever level it may exist-body, mind or spirit. The power lies in our minds. This is already proved that even after death (when the heart stops working) mind remains alive and dies slowly. The mind is our power-house. What we eat we think so. What we think so. What we think we act so. Now once we know that food can change our destiny, why can’t we improve our food habits? If due to any circumstances, we can’t change our food habits then let’s change our thinking.

Benefits of Reiki Therapy / Reiki Healing Treatment

  • Heals cause eliminates the effect of the imbalances
  • Does not conflict with religious beliefs
  • It is an alternative, natural healing and helping method
  • Can be combined with other healing methods
  • Minimizes feelings of helplessness when faced with a crisis situation
  • Releases accumulated daily stress
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Promotes from within qualities of loving, caring, growing, compassion, trusting, self-actualizing, goodwill, peace and serenity
  • It is intelligent energy, which goes to the greatest need
  • It does not interfere with medical treatments. It enhances medications, quickens healing time, and reduces the need for anesthetic

What is Reiki?

Reiki healing invokes the body’s own self-healing system by using light gentle touch on the body and other advanced techniques within a person’s inner energy system. You are touched on the place of discomfort in your body to heal. Reiki is a very effective mode of healing and it is also a relaxation therapy. When we say “Healing Touch” we mean Reiki. If the person to be healed is not present, distance healing is also possible. A Reiki practitioner only forms a channel that acts as a medium between the spiritually guided energy and the patient to be healed. When we say spirituality it does not refer to any religion. Science has documented the energy field in and around the human body through a number of medical equipment which we all are aware of. Our body both absorbs and emits energy. When we talk about body language, we mean the energy level that is visible on a person.

Reiki (Healing touch therapy) as a regular form of therapy was originated in Japan. Mikao Usui himself Japanese was the pioneer in this field. He felt that if Buddha and Christ were able to perform miraculous healing through mere touch without depleting their own energy reserves, this science could be used for the wellbeing of mankind. A deep spiritual experience led him to devote several years of study. During his quest, he experienced intense energy gratification, which had healing power. He named this energy as Reiki. Rei means the “Eternal white light in the Universe”, and Ki is “Application of”. We at Satyamani offer the best Reiki services in India.

Our services on Reiki

Reiki healing practice:

We at Satyamani provide in house Reiki healing with a proven track record for the past 15 years. We propagate this as supportive and complementary therapy and advise the patient to continue with any other conventional mode of healing if they so desire or have to and still get the best results. Our Reiki Master Dr. Anoop Agarwal is renowned in this form of healing and leaves no stone unturned to win the confidence of the patients. He takes the utmost care to make his patients feel comfortable and also keeps them at good humor. He analyses the root cause along with the reported problem that is just visible or felt upfront. When the root is analyzed, diagnosed and eradicated the visible problem gets automatically taken care of. In the process, even those problems that were not yet visible or felt by the patient, which might raise their head up in the near future also get resolved by themselves. To achieve this, a rigorous study through Aura analysis of the patient is undergone and appropriate healing mode is followed. Through Reiki, we also provide Distance healing which becomes essential in case the patient is not physically present.

Further, even during the period of the healing process, we provide a supportive service to assist the patients on any type of query they might have. We follow up their progress systematically on a regular basis. We are ready to provide the best of our assistance all the time.

Education on Reiki healing:

We at Satyamani provide Reiki education and training to the new aspirants. A person who has been trained on the first level could further pursue for a master level and then finally for an expert level. We provide the lessons as well as an in house training program. The training program is conducted in three elaborate stages which would be discussed further.


As per our concept a person acquires only one forth of knowledge on Reiki healing from the Reiki guide – Dr. Anoop Agarwal the teacher, the next one fourth is accumulated by analyzing his own self, the third is cultivated by discussing with others and the last during the process of living and practicing through the methods of addition, deletion, correction, and modification of already acquired information on healing. Further it is a continuous process for the student as there is no end to learning. After completing their training the students are always welcome to be in touch with us for any further guidance.

Levels of Education and training at Satyamani

1. Induction to Reiki or the first level to qualify as a Channel in Reiki healing involves a training period of 24 days. Where in he/she would be taught the basics of Reiki healing and self-practice methods for the first two days. In the process, the student would learn about the fundamentals of Aura Cleansing and the first level of Meditation. The self-practice involves 21 days following which on the final 24th day they are expected to clear all their doubts and share their experiences. This is an interactive process wherein they would give their feedback and acquire our suggestions and improvised support.


Training Schedule: On the first day of the training the student is expected at 10.00 AM and the lessons would be taught till 6.00 PM. On the second day, the classes would be conducted between 10.30 AM till 2.00 PM. For the next three weeks, the student would undergo self-practice for two hours daily. We expect the students to apply complete dedication with their heart and soul during this duration. We prefer to teach individual students rather than groups as better attention could be given.

2. The master level of Reiki is taught at least six months after qualifying the first level and rigorous practice (whatever is learnt in the first level). There is no point in opting for this level of learning without the requisite practice. In this level we upgrade the student to a higher level of meditation and guide them to create further channels. We also teach a higher level of Aura Cleansing. This training program also has a duration of 24 days which includes one day of lessons at our premises and the remaining three weeks is for self-practice. The final review is on the 24th day. On completion of this level, we expect the students to start creating further channels.

Training Schedule: On the first day of the training the student is expected at 10.00 AM and the lessons would be taught till 6.00 PM. For the next three weeks, the student would undergo self-practice for four hours daily. During this period the student should vigorously practice advanced level of meditation and refresh all their learning Reiki healing to date as instructed. The final review is on the 23rd day.

3. The final or the Expert level is the ultimate state of Reiki learning and the contents, duration and schedule details could be obtained by contacting our office directly.




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