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Reiki Courses




We at Satyamani provide Reiki education and training to the new aspirants. A person who has been trained on the first level could further pursue for a master level and then finally for a grand master level. We provide the lessons as well as an in house training program. The training program is conducted in three elaborate stages as it is a continuous process for the student as there is no end to learning. After completing their training the students are always welcome to be in touch with us for any further guidance.


First Level (Self Healing) - Introduction to Reiki, Basics of Reiki healing, Learn about fundamentals of Aura Cleansing, the first level of Meditation (Attunement) and Self practice of 21 days. The first level consists of 2 days of learning in one to one class and 21 days of self practice. We prefer to teach individual students rather than groups as better attention could be given.

Second Level (Master Level) - The master level of Reiki is taught at least six months after qualifying the first level and rigorous practice (whatever is learnt in the first level). There is no point in opting for this level of learning without the requisite practice. In this level we upgrade the student to higher level of meditation (Attunement) and guide them to create further channels. We also teach higher level of Aura Cleansing. This training program also has a duration of 24 days which includes two day of lessons at our premises and the remaining three weeks is for self practice.

Third Level (Grand Master Level) - The final or the Expert level is the ultimate state of Reiki learning and the contents, duration and the schedule details could be obtained by contacting our office directly.

Fee Structure:

Self-Healing (Consist of I, II & III Degree) – 7500 INR       

Pay now: https://www.satyamani.org/satyamani-reiki-basic-self-healing-course-offline   

Duration    :   2 Days of Teaching with Learning Material with 21 days of self practice    

Master Level (III A & B) – 10000 INR

Pay now:https://www.satyamani.org/satyamani-reiki-second-level-master-level-course-offline

Duration    :    2 Days of Teaching with Learning Material with 21 days of self practice  

Grand Master Level – 35000 INR   

Pay now: https://www.satyamani.org/satyamani-reiki-advance-grand-master-level-course-offline

Online Courses                                                                                                             

Self-Healing (Consist of I, II & III Degree) – 6000 INR          

Duration    :   15 Days of Teaching with Learning Material with 21 days of self practice     

Pay now: https://www.satyamani.org/satyamani-reiki-basic-self-healing-course-online

Master Level (III A & B) – 8500 INR

Duration    :    10 Days of Teaching with Learning Material with 21 days of self practice  

Grand Master Level– 20000 INR  

Pay now: https://www.satyamani.org/satyamani-reiki-second-level-master-level-course-online

Duration    :    7 Days

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