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Pre-Marriage Family Counselling

Color : cousnelling
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The period between your Marriage day and your first child is perhaps one of the most important stages of your life. This period sets the stage for the future of your marriage, children and even retired life!

The first year of marriage can be especially tough. It is normal for every couple, irrespective of how made for each other they may feel, to have struggles or issues. These struggles, if worked out, often contribute positively to the relationship, building deeper intimacy and companionship for later life.

Family:  Family Counselling is done where a joint family has an addition to the family, but unsure about to deal with it, which results in conflict among in-laws or couples. As the generation is changing, there are several aspect even older people need to change if they really want to live happy with their married sons or daughters. Parents do know from their experience what is to done, however, since this 21st century is more dynamic their yesteryears, a counsellor assist them in several ways to form co-ordial relations with their kids and avoid unnecessary conflicts even in some case lawsuits, which is breaking the families.

If you’re feeling stressed about your parenting role or find yourself unable to cope between the demands of your marriage, work and child – consider talking it over with a trained counsellor who will journey with you in helping you find time for yourself , thereby equipping you with ideas for coping with your struggles.

satyamani.in provides individual counselling services where you can come by yourself and discuss your struggles with a trained professional. We also provide couples counselling services where you can come together as a couple and discuss your struggles with the trained professional.

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