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Pre-Marriage Couple Counselling

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Couple counselling in Delhi is done in case of Love Marriage and guide towards a better married life and develop interpersonal relationships through counselling and guidance. They will be guided by the renowned counsellors, psychologist, psychiatrist and sexologist.

The couple is such who is:

•           Establishing a home, not merely building a house

•           Building understanding and a deep alliance

•           Managing clash and learning to fight reasonable

•           Determining on self or both professions

•           Exchanging relationships with each other’s families and friends

•           Agreeing on sovereign comforts

•           Agreeing to enjoy parenting



None of us had been taught or provided us a text book for realizing the above tasks and making a successful marriage life. No one had guided and explained the difference between the dreams and the actuals.  Therefore it is quite natural to have struggles when two different people suddenly live and adjust to each other.  Some of the common issues every couple may face during the change from singlehood to a well-adjusted couple.


•           Building a deeper bounding

•           In adjusting with the new life pattern and system

•           In developing more intimacy – emotionally and sexually

•           Adjustment and compromise with the different opinions

•           Maintaining warmness of the relationship as it was before marriage

•           Noted the difference between the dreams and practical married life

•           Both are highly occupied in maintain status

•           Keep on realizing the duties irrespective of gender

•           Other family members influence is playing a vital role.

•           Lack of confidence to be have parenting life.           

This is well experienced that at satyamani.in, when one shares their untold feelings and objectives of life, they feel lighter and gain clarity about their goals and path. They feel much energised and show the positive changes in their profession and relationships.

We also provide couples counselling and family counselling services where you can come together as a couple or a family to discuss your relationship with a trained professional.

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