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Post-Marriage Single Counselling

Color : counselling
Dimension : counselling
MRP : INR 21,000.00
SP : INR 11,000.00
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This works when both husband and wife are people of good will, and care about their marriage.)
Every married couple faces pressure from external factors such as job, career move, friends & relatives etc and internal factors as family, own behaviour etc. Many a time to strike a balance, we end up overscheduling your time, energy or money, which builds even more the pressure. Also, sometimes an unexpected illness, unpleasant event or accident threatens or shakes one’s life. Without proper planning, your attempts at a project result in only frustration, or a misunderstanding creates hard feelings or threatens your sense of normalcy.


Despite these differences, is it possible to live a happy married life? How can you solve marriage problems and maintain marital harmony? Should you point out your spouse’s mistakes? Or is silence the solution?
How can I have a happy marriage?
What are the reasons behind marriage problems?
How can couples fighting be resolved?
Tips on How to Handle a Wife / How to Handle a Husband
Learn how to deal with an Angry Wife
How can I deal with my irritating wife?
How to prevent Money Problems in Marriage
What are the reasons for divorce?
Should I get a divorce?
How to handle your Partner’s addiction (Drinking, Smoking, betting etc)
Why should I ask for forgiveness in marriage?


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