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Free Numerology

Welcome to Satyamani for free Numerology report. Please fill the exact information so that you can get correct report. Please note that if your birth time is before Sun rise then please enter previous date.

For example if you were born on 20th of January 1983 at 5.30 am, in that case (as you born before Sun rise) you will enter 19th of January 1983.
In this report you will get:

  1. Lucky Day
  2. Lucky number
  3. Lucky colour
  4. Lucky metal or Gems
  5. Days wise effect
  6. Life path
  7. Soul urge
  8. Goal of your life
  9. Your personality &
  10. Your features.

Although we take care for all calculations but in case you find difference then please go for the paid detailed report in which you will get next seven years predictions also.

Feel free to contact us for any other clarification.

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