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How to work with online Gemstone spheres in Rituals?

Have you ever thought about the significance of various gemstones that are available in the lap of nature? Guess not! One such stone is the gemstone sphere. Gemstone spheres are the embodiment of circular energy. It has been seen over the years that spheres are used as a tool in numerous rituals and meditations as it is believed that they radiate energy in all directions. Gemstone spheres bought online or offline are representative of infinite energy emanating energy across space and time, through all the seven chakras and all the four corners.

Gemstone spheres are known to radiate more inclusive energy all around the space. They are opposite in function to that of generator crystals or stones, which are used for a more specific purpose. For example, radiating energy to a particular corner or to charge other stones. When you are buying semi-precious stones online in India, and your purpose is holistic development, you should always opt for gemstone spheres because they radiate the energy of possibility and divinity.


Each crystal has its unique frequency, vibration, and energy which help us cleanse, soothe, calm, and energize our inner selves. However, experts believe that even if you are an amateur you should begin your healing process with a gemstone sphere. But, a word of caution here would be if you are buying gemstone spheres online you need to be extra careful and look for the authentic ones. 

If you are new to the world of gemstone spheres you can begin with clear quartz, known as the stone with the highest vibration. Clear quartz has the ability to draw energy towards it and in the process clarifies the body and soul of the user and also manifests a sense of divinity on the person. Rose quartz, on the other hand, is a gemstone known for its quality to radiate love, ease pain and transform energies around the home. The specialty of rose quartz is that brings peace to the bearer.


The uniqueness of semi-precious stones bought online in India or the ones bought from the stores is that they can be held easily within the hand and hence focussing on them become simple. Another special characteristic of the gemstone sphere is that they come in a varying size that is large, medium and small. For example, for people who practice the art of scrying and divination, the large spheres do a wonderful job. The medium-sized spheres, on the other hand, fit well into the hands and can be held during prayers and meditation with ease. Last and not least, the small ones can be a great companion during your journeys. You can carry them without any hassles and they will give you a calming effect during the entire span.

To sum up, gemstone spheres have the ability to give you an all-encompassing effect of positive energy. It transcends space and direction and has a positive impact on the bearer. But to leverage the benefits of the semi-precious stones it is vital that you get hold of authentic ones.


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