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Home Decor

Unique collections of crystals and designs to place them at home for positive energies. One should keep and use them to enhance their luck and prosperity. You can buy Home Decor Crystals online in India.

Covid safety

Alokik Covid-19 Safety Keys Hands-Free Contactless Door Opener Tool - No Touch Non-Contact Safe Key Chain (Pack of 2) is the simple tool that can be u...View More

Crystal Chips

 Chips is associated with all chakras and is said to be stone of intimacy. It increases one demand for caring, love and affection and sometimes i...View More

Crystal Trees

Crystal Trees are a beautiful way to take your house the energy of crystal healing. Trees symbolize stability, development and wealth. Surround yourse...View More

Crystal Tumbles

Tumble Stone is a beautiful green color crystal stone, which brings balance in relationships and helps in letting go of unfulfilled desires. All ...View More

Organic Fertilizer for Planting

Satyamani had developed organic fertilizer to be used before one go for planting. This enhances the fertility of the land and help in growing plants. ...View More

Organic Fertilizer for Plants

Satyamani is dealing in natural crystals and herbs since 1991. Satyamani is in the process of developing herbal soaps, fertilizers, herbicides, healin...View More

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