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Healing Sticks

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Healing crucial stick is a device in the healer's fingers. If you use it properly, your energy and capacity as a healer will be increased. It transports not only energy healer but also prevents it from unwanted touch with the strength of the patient. Let's focus on the reality that a cure rod is sticking and how it operates. Shop for these Healing Stick Online from our store.


Classic Tibetan sticks consists of 7 or 9 different stones. Each stone has its characteristics and is associated with one of the five elements.

Each chakra is a stone, and each chakra is coloured in its own. Diseases are triggered by an absence of healthy bodily energy, which implies one of the chakras has the issue.


Through a stone that suits the issue, the disease can be handled correctly. But a rock is not powerful enough, and he may lose his energy and even crash if the problem is very severe. Healing rod is made up of several stones, so it has more strength. Stick will never lose its pieces of colour, and rocks will never drop apart, which can occur if you use a given stone.

There are many distinct kinds of distinct Healing Stick Online Store in India available. There is a definite cure point at one edge of the pencil. It is made up of a crystal and is called the therapy wand's beneficial top because it provides useful (+) energy. It's concentrated on a stage, and a peek at the edge of the crystal energy. There is a core rod of purple stone (pleasure), coral (tone blue, real power conversion) or clear glass (glass) at the other end of the rod. The ring refers to the therapy wands adverse-) (axis.


Healing Sticks Online in India can have five metals of distinct types: bronze, silver, bronze, copper and steel. These metals mix the favourable axis with a multitude of rocks. Go to a host's adverse bar connects just one stone. Connecting in medicinal needles of high-quality rocks is not metal and inside the big amber cap.

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