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Different Types of Crystal Pendants

Crystals are naturally formed inside the earth with the mineral atoms coming together in repetitive three-dimensional patterns. Depending upon the constituent minerals and other trace mixtures, its immediate vicinity and evolution conditions, different types of crystals are formed. They are found in strange shapes and their sizes vary from very small to large deposits accumulating for thousands of years.Depending upon its application, crystals can be found in different shapes and sizes as described below. One of its common uses is a Crystal Pendant, worn as a charm for good luck.


These are crystals without any distinct cuts and faces. They are best for enriching the atmosphere of a room as they are said to absorb negative energies. These are also suitable for holding during meditative sessions or to be carried as a charm in a purse or pocket.

Single Wands

These types of elongated crystals have a single, pointed end on one side and are rounded or rough on the other. These are widely used in crystal healing and cleansing procedures or as a meditation tool. Single wand crystals are also used extensively in making crystal pendants & fashionable jewelry pieces.

Cut Crystals

These crystals are worked upon by cutting tools to give them beautiful shapes and facets. They can be shaped into Pyramids, spheres or wands and used for decorative purposes. A well-cut crystal is said to amplify the positive energy around it.

Tumble Stones

These crystals are bunched together and moved around with abrasives like sand and powder till then become smooth and polished through friction. These tumble stones look quite attractive and can be used in a crystal pendant or ring to enhance their beauty.

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