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Delve Into Past Life To Resolve Present Life Concerns

Past Life Regression is a technique of meditation or self-analysis. While most practitioners believe it deals with the recovery of old memories from our past life, DrAnoop Agarwal believes the present is a result of past incidents (from the time one is in the mother’s womb or in the present life). He believes these incidents might be subconsciously disturbing one’s mind, resulting in distress.

According to Dr Agarwal, Past Life Regression is typically undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience or in a psychotherapeutic setting. It is a proven medium or method to allow one to deal with issues from our past as well as present life. We are often holding on to pains that we had, and when we recognise the true/real cause of that pain, we find relief and let go.

Our mind has two levels – the conscious and the sub-conscious. The conscious comprises what we see, touch and use our brain for, whereas the sub-conscious mind is the combination of two parts, i.e. data prior to birth (when in the womb) and data after birth, which we collect through various activities on earth, like reading, viewing or hearing. It explains why we get angry, the circumstances when we lose confidence and interest, why we lose concentration and are unable to control our thoughts.

Based on the previous data, we perform our actions and then call it our destiny. The reaction to that action determines our next action. This reaction is planned with the help of our conscious mind and finally acts with the help of our emotional centres, which are commonly known as the chakras in our body.

When the sub-conscious mind is not controlled by the conscious mind, than the wrong orders or acts will take place. Then, there will be an imbalance in our emotional centres, leading to disease.

Illness is the result of an imbalance, usually caused by a mental decision, based on an emotional reaction to an event or events in our lives. Once the mind is made up, then our life becomes an adventure of discovering how right is our mind and experiencing the resulting illness, which can and usually does occur.

According to DrAnoop Agarwal, a Life Regression Session helps in resolving many Life issues like matrimonial disharmony, family problems, career building concerns, financial distress, repeated failures inspite of best efforts, frequent mental disturbances and lack of confidence.

The questions one may ask oneself after the session are: “What are my thoughts and fears?”, “What am I not expressing, and how is this manifesting itself physically in me at this moment?”, “Death, as we know it, is just an illusion and we really live forever!” Yes, that's the truth. Once we come to know that we are part of energy and nothing other than that, all mysteries are solved.

According to DrAnoop Agarwal, after the session, one experiences the freedom to create more love, happiness and fulfillment in our day-to-day lives, as we remember our true value as a unique individual, the freedom to experience better health and a resolution to old issues, as we feel more confident, more relaxed and more at peace with ourselves, ability to create more wealth, money and financial security as we allow ourselves to have – and keep – more of what we desire, and a greater sense of ‘control’ over our life, our body and our destiny, as we finally begin to remember that we create our own reality in every possible way.

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