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Crystals by Shapes

We at Satyamnai offer Crystal by Shapes online in India, as we purchase raw stones and carved them according to their uses. These crystals can be used for Luck, Healing, Reiki, Gift, Vastu, Home decor and many other areas. The stones have their own energies and can be used according to the need of the individuals

Crystal Beads

The use of semi-precious beads as an ornament dates back to at least 38,000 years ago when they were used in France for bead weaving. ... Gemstones ar...View More

Crystal Bowl

Even bowls made from quite rare crystals such as apophyllite, ​azeztulite, kunzite or moldavite are available from some crystal bowl retailers. You ...View More

Crystal Eggs

Bring beautiful crystals into your home with our range of crystal eggs. You can buy crystal eggs online in India. These eggs have a lov...View More

Crystal Hearts

From a practical point of view, the crystal heart is set in a special place in our bodies called the sacred heart; this place is both in us and in the...View More

Crystal Lingam/Jaldhari

Worshiping in front of Shiva Idol also removes depression, brings calmness and surrender. Bring home this Lord Shiva as Parad Shivling and Shivlingam ...View More

Crystal Pyramid

A pyramid amplifies and then tightly focuses energy through the top. A crystal pyramid can use to draw off negative energy and blockage from the Chakr...View More

Crystal Rough

Rough crystals are very likely to produce more' energy' than soft rocks. This is because the spinning method did not rupture or disturb the na...View More

Gemstones Spheres

Terms like rubies, sapphires, gems, and mirrors have been in our vocabulary for thousands of years. Some discover it quite challenging to define a mas...View More

Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are tiny bits of rocks and minerals that are folded and beautifully glossy. They are produced by putting tough stones in a device recog...View More

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