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Crystal senses include transparent quartz, smoky quartz, fluorite, quartz flower, crystals of amethyst and much more. Check out more Crystal online in India interpretations as this catalogue continues to develop, please visit again shortly.

Different crystals 

Agate is a rock of power and bravery; it shapes and strengthens the mind and feelings and physical strength are grounded and stabilized. Agate assists with self-acceptance and seeing reality.

Amethyst is the rock of wisdom and satisfaction, and it gives stability, power and internal happiness. It is a great meditation rock, and with its calming and serene energy, it enhances your intuition and psychic abilities.

Ametrine mixes both Amethyst and Citrine characteristics powerfully to create a rock of confidence. Its elevated power balance pressure, tension and mental blockages to assist harmonize and cure the environment and develop a sense of well-being.

Angelite is the consciousness rock. It helps to communicate clearly, compassionately and truthfully. Angelite will assist you to be more sympathetic and accept your reality. It also enables you to make communication with the angelic domain easier while helping you to keep in touch with everyday truth.

Apophyllite generates a deliberate link between the domains of physics and spirit, enabling you to enter the Akashic records and previous feelings of existence. It allows you in all circumstances to recognize and behave upon reality.

Uses for crystals

  • Improves patience, recognition and the capacity to assume more accountability, efficiency and practicality are enhanced. Aragonite is a Gaia tuned soil healer and grounding rock. It converts geopathic stress and clear blockages to deepen your earth connection.
  • Aquamarine purifies the flesh with its soft and sympathetic electricity and enhances the simplicity of mind. It helps to take unresolved circumstances to a close. It is particularly useful for delicate individuals who promote self-courage, raise concerns and phobias.
  • Blue Lace Agate softly closes and extends awareness, enhancing sensory and religious understanding, fostering imagination and expressing confidence. It helps communicate, encourages alignment with others, calms the mind, relieves the feelings, and decreases stress.

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