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Crystal Therapy Services

The duration of a meeting relies on the application of the specific method. A session in which crystals are placed on the chakras (power vortexes connecting the physical and subtle energy organs) may last twenty minutes to quarter an hour to achieve equilibrium. A meeting where crystals are placed in more complicated models that address the fundamental factors of discomfort may last from one to a quarter-hour. 

Therapy and its benefits 

But you can plan to have a conversation first in all meetings–and most likely a story has drawn–so the patient gets a complete image. (Holistic treatment requires the environment, emotional, mental and cultural variables into consideration.) We offer the best Crystal Therapy Services in India.

On a therapeutic couch or the ground, you'll be created cosy and hot. You are going to be told to shut your ears and recover. You will place crystals on or around your skin. The situation can be tweaked or intuited with a pendulum. 

Rejuvenate your senses

While you rest and sigh softly, the crystals will remain in position. You may experience a tingling feeling, your flesh may jerk as it opens models kept in your bodies, you may even giggle or scream as you let go of repressed emotions, or you may experience nothing except a sense of comfort and pleasurable pleasure that suffuses your flesh. During the meeting, the therapist can softly attach or extract crystals. Add Crystal Therapy from our store and enjoy rejuvenating your senses

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