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Crystal Therapy Crystal Healing Wands

Crystal Therapy is the ancient art of healing with crystals which involves laying-on-of-stones. There are seven chakra points in our body that relates to a specific functionality. Gems, stones and crystals are laid on the body over the chakra points. Each chakra links to a particular color, so by laying a stone of that color over the chakra, the chakras open, align and combine with one another. When the complete process is done, the body becomes fully capable of healing itself.

These stones bring color and light into the aura and into the physical body via the chakra system and the insidious layers of the body through the principle of vibration and resonance.

Healing Crystals can also be used to enhance the multi-dimensional awareness and understanding of body by creating a specific grid in forms of sacred geometry. Used in conjunction with aromatherapy and sound, the color light experience of crystals are deepened and expanded at the same time. Crystals have many properties and so they are one of the tools of vibration and resonance that create sensory healing.

Crystal Healing Properties

Crystal Therapy is totally dependent upon Crystal Healing Properties. These Healing Crystals are having so much of magic inside them and that’s why they are rich of so many countless properties. These properties help them to cure many of the severe problems which many a proper medical support to get cured. Some of diseases that can be healed by using this crystal therapy are:

Addictions, Adrenal Glands, Age Spots, Ageing, Air Sickness, Ambition, Anaemia, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Awareness, Back, Bladder, Blood, Blood Flow, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Bones, Breathing, Burns, Calcium Deficiencies, Calming, Cancer, Cells, Childbirth, Circulation, Colds, Commitment, Common Sense, Concentration, Confidence, Courage, Creativity, Decisiveness, Depression, Detoxification, Digestion, Disease, Dizziness, Dreams, Eating Disorders, Emotional Balance, Emphysema, Endurance, Energy, Enthusiasm, Epilepsy, Exhaustion, Expression, Eyes, Fear, Female/Male Balance, Feminine Energy, Fertility, Fever, Fidelity, Flexibility, Fluid Retention, Gallbladder, General Health, Glands, Gout, Grief, Grounding and so many more.

Meditation Wands

Meditation Wands are the objects of power and focus that are created to help one in accessing, speculating, and demonstrating in some fashion the pious gifts given by the Creator to each of us. They can also buoy the Spirit and help put us in touch with the profound aspects of the Soul, which can serve to cut through the limitations of ego. Healing Wands can be valuable tools; one utilizes to augment a spiritual/radiant presence, and one’s capacity to facilitate healing.

Crystal Healing Wands

Crystal Healing Wands can also used to enhance focus while meditating, to charge water that is used for either Healing or Massage. They can also serve in spiritual journey and to fulfill the purpose of remote healing work. Crystal healing wands may on occasion be a substitute for a knife, sword, sceptre or staff, objects which are used in the same way as wands in some spiritual traditions.

Healing Wands are commonly the tools of those healers who embrace the metaphysical, and may be used quite successfully by any who wish to enhance their capacity for perceptivity and intuition. The magic wands of myth and legend are believed to have been used by the highly evolved crystal healers of Atlantis, and many practitioners today believe that wands from those far-off times are surfacing once again, complete with their powerful capacity for transformation and programming.

Crystal Healing Wands are often created with gemstones selected to enhance and magnify their effects and powers, at times for specific purposes. Chakra healing wands with gemstones of each of the rainbow colors are the most common examples. Some healing wands have crystal points at both ends, while others have a crystal point at one end and removable crystal sphere on the other. Size doesn’t matters in this case. A Healing wand of small size can be more powerful than the large one. The power of a wand comes from the gauge of the materials used in its makeup, as well as the intent and consciousness of the designer/maker of the wand.

Crystal Healing Wands are mainly used to either call focus or emission or to effect energy. You may feel an intuitive need to move your healing wand in circles or spirals or other paths of motion while you focus and define the purpose to direct energy for a chosen motive. When using wands in healing work they may be moved through the aura/radiant presence and used for pulling out and releasing blocks and troubled energy build ups. They can also be used for filling the aura with healing light or spiritual energy. You may smooth or enhance the energy body with the wand too. A gentle sweeping of the healing wand around the body of the ill or unhappy person may provide a soothing healing and comforting treatment to that person.

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