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Colour Therapy

Color : mix
Dimension : 5x4
MRP : INR 12,500.00
SP : INR 7,500.00
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Colors:  What do they mean?  What effects do they have on us?  What do they tell other people about us?

Colors are Universal, and throughout the ages, many different colors have been associated with different religious and spiritual meanings. 

But one aspect of color holds true in every corner of the world.  The colors we chose are not arbitrary, but hold personal meaning for us. 

The colors we chose, to decorate our homes, flourish in our gardens, and adorn our body and personal spaces have a lot to offer us in the way of personal insight about what is going on inside, our  innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions.

In this course you will study about the descriptions and look at your surrounds, wardrobe, living space etc.  What colors bother you?  Read on to learn more about your subconscious hopes, dreams, wishes and desires.


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Based on 0 reviews & Ratings.

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