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Crystal Christ Commune Aura

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Christ Commune Aura Crystal is a luminous blue and white catalytic cycle of two tone Aura Crystals: Blue Aqua Aura and Rainbow Angel Aura (otherwise called Opal Aura.) Aqua Aura is unadulterated clear quartz reinforced with 24Kgold bullion fumes. Blessed messenger Aura is unadulterated clear quartz reinforced with .99999 platinum bullion fumes and .99999 silver bullion fumes both done in high temperature vacuum chamber. Christ Commune Aura Crystal has a serious energy raising the vibration of mankind. Christ Commune Aura Crystal enacts the Chakras and supports association with the heavenly and astronomical awareness; this gem gives an association with "All that is" and encourages the "fraternity" of all. Christ Commune Aura Crystal actuates soul energy, invigorates diverting, and develops otherworldly attunement and correspondence. This precious stone is an extraordinary, powerful protecting gadget, shielding against mystical, clairvoyant, or mental assaults and stops energy channels. Christ Commune Aura is a precious stone of delight, similar to a rainbow. Christ Commune Aura is purging and adjusting for all chakras, coordinates the light body into the actual measurement and opens the condition of reflective mindfulness, establishing the data got in the actual body. Christ Commune Aura might be utilized for air and chakra clearing and to actuate and upgrade different minerals for mending work. Christ Commune Aura Crystal is a magnificent healer's device to use for body formats to actuate all chakras. This precious stone deliveries stress, quiets the emanation and deliveries negative energies from one's auric field. Christ Commune Aura is a stone of attunement, appearance, and wealth. 

Recuperating: Christ Commune Aura Quartz is helpful for passionate injury and multidimensional cell memory mending. Christ Commune Aura quartz reinforces the thymus organ and invigorates the insusceptible framework bringing the body into balance. Christ Commune Aura Quartz is astounding for alleviating consumes, fitting the chakras and adjusting the inconspicuous bodies. Christ Commune Aura Quartz adjusts polarities, discharges one from impediments, improves muscle-testing, and is purifying for the organs.

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