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Birthstone as per numerology (15)

Buy a birthstone according to your life path number; according to Numerology, the ‘Life Path Number’ holds the most significant place in your life as it reveals your most fulfilling life direction, and the major lessons you are here to learn. It unlocks the specific opportunities and challenges you will encounter and your inherent traits that will help you on your journey. His/her date of birth is the key to get your life path number, write your date of birth in numerical pattern. Please note that if the birth time is before sunrise. Then previous date is to be taken e.g.

31st Jan.1958 at 04.30 A.M.  This is to be written as follows: -

30.01.1958 (as the time is before sunrise.)

Now add all Individual figures so that the sum should come in between1 to 9 including both the numbers 1 and 9.

3+1+1+9+5+8 = 27 further add

 2+7 = 9

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