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About Us

Satyamani as it specifies "GEM OF TRUTH" provides healing Therapy for strengthening the body, mind and resolving issues through various forms of natural crystals and gem stones since 1976. The organisation has been sourcing and dealing in vast variety of high quality crystals and gemstones with a clean and proven track record. With well qualified expertise and nearly 36 years of prolonged experience in testing and suggesting genuineness, utmost care is taken to provide the best quality product with best of further personalised guidance. Further we have been providing commendable and rigorous training facilities and seminars on non- conventional healing therapy. At Satyamani we specialise in Aura analysis, Crystal Therapy, Meditation, Numerology, Reiki, Vastu Consultancy and Past life Regression analysis. In the process we have deservingly cultivated a vast number of satisfied clientele from varied walks life.

Satyamani Corporate Profile

The group is managed and guided under the expertise of Dr. Anoop Agarwal a renowned Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki master and a Vibration crystal Healing Therapist. The company has been dealing in vast variety of high quality crystals and gemstones with a clean and proven track record. Dr. Anoop Agarwal conducts a number of workshop, seminars and Television spiritual and health programmes for the benefit of public at large. He is been honoured with many testimonials and awards.

Satyamani Work Culture

We are a team of well motivated, and expertised group, equipped with best of resources to render our services. We work in a very cordial and friendly atmosphere, always ready to serve to the best of our abilities. At Satyamani we do not expect nor promise miracles. The aim is to provide slow steady but assured healing, and we strive for it. We try to achieve the confidence of those to be healed and that results to much more than a miracle.

Satyamani Management

The group is managed and guided under the expert supervision of Dr. Anoop Agarwal a renowned Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Practitioner and a Vibration Gemstone Healing Therapist. He has graduated in gemmology with more than 36 years of extensive and proven record of assuring the highest quality and vibration on gems and healing crystals. He commands an unquestionable authenticity on Aura analysis, Meditation, Numerology, Vastu Consultancy and Past life Regression analysis. He always lends friendly and patient hearing to all concerned and responds in a sincere and helpful manner.

Careers at Satyamani

To provide reliable as well as useful information, education, on hands training and any desired further assistance and support to those aspiring to be Reiki healers in future, and those opting for alternative or supportive services. We provide hands on training and workshop environment. Satyamani also provides support and guidance after the requisite training so that the trained could comfortably settle on their practice. We strive to make Reiki healing therapy available as well as conveniently affordable to everyone worldwide irrespective of religion culture or creed.

Why Satyamani

With well qualified expertise for nearly 35 years of experience in testing and analysis of genuineness where in utmost care is taken to provide the best quality product with best of further personalised guidance and support. We source the gems and crystals from the places of origin. We have cultivated a vast number of satisfied clientele from varied walks life worldwide. We do not propagate nor recommend Crystal Healing as an alternate therapy, an as there is no intake, one could comfortably continue any other healing method along with it. Two persons with the same ailment can simultaneously use a single crystal. Best results would still be obviously felt by the patient. The healing process is scientific and it works on chemical properties of the healing crystals and gem stones. Further at Satyamani we specialise in Aura analysis, Crystal healing, Meditation, Numerology, Reiki, Vastu Consultancy and Past life Regression analysis.

We are committed to deliver the goods with in 48 hrs of the order confirmation. We dispatch the courier through reputed courier services with insurance. In case the goods are not delivered within 6 working days than we dispatch the goods again with no extra cost.

100% Secure Payment

Paying via credit card is simple and safe. Click the Buy Now button next to the item you would like to order. Use "Continue Shopping" to add multiple items to your cart. Use "Next" when you are ready to complete your purchase. Accepted credit cards are Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Satyamani, Web site accessible is simple. It contains all information which a viewer think. We tried our best to provide type of contents, simplicity, size, environment and designing. Many accessibility features are implemented as they are planned from the beginning of Web site development or redesign. Fixing inaccessible Web sites required significant effort, especially Satyamani site, that were originally "coded" properly with standard XHTML markup, and with certain types of content such as multimedia.

Stones and crystals are handpicked to ensure the best quality available. The sizes listed on the product descriptions may vary because of the characteristics of each gemstone. Gemstones are created by nature, so the size listed is always approximate. Care is taken in the packing of each order to make sure you are getting the best quality and quantity. There are certain gemstones/crystals that are very difficult to get because of the events that are happening in the world today. Mines are not being worked or are closed. We keep searching for new sources and new items. We want to hear from you so I can know what gemstones or items you are seeking. Please email questions or comments to us at contact@satyamani.org

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