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About Marriage Counselling


Individual counselling in Delhi at Satyamani is done to prepare and guide individuals towards a better marriage through CARE (Create Awareness Respect Each) with each other last forever. Help individuals struggling with interpersonal relationships through counselling and guidance. So there is very much importance of Marriage Counselling.

As a Single Adult you may be feeling either/or experiences:

  • May feel so lonely without someone to love
  • Have not found the right person yet?
  • Is commit to the person must?
  • What’s the need to marry?
  • Relationships never work out
  • Can’t open up to everyone
  • Nervous to enter a relationship
  • Can I really look after myself?
  • How do I find the right job for me?
  • Am I capable of finding a good job?
  • My job doesn’t make me happy
  • Faces issues with co-workers
  • Feeling difficulties in dealing with responsibilities
  • Family forces to join family business or work, which is of no interest.
  • Did I choose the right profession?

If you are struggling to find the right career or have problems with your job or if you are experiencing difficulties in relationships or in choosing a partner, you can get the help of trained counselors at Satyamani where your all fears and doubts will be clear.

Satyamani provides individual counselling services where you can come by yourself and discuss your issues with a trained professional. The individual counsellor will discuss and explore any area of your life over weekly sessions of 60 minutes each. The number of sessions depends on the area you wish to achieve your goals.

What does Individual Counselling involve?

Paying attention to you at Satyamani and discussing your thoughts and feelings about any area of your life that you may wish to explore and understand better to get you solution for that individual.

At Satyamani your counsellor listens and seeks to understand your point of view, drawing from various counselling psychology theories and techniques, to facilitate a process that helps you gain clarity and look at the issue from different perspectives. At Satyamani counsellor will help you work towards your goals by forming a genuine, accepting and cooperative relationship with you. The successful counselling will change in your life.

At Satyamani counsellor will help you in finding your own answers. The counsellors will develop the confidence and helps one in discovering own answers instead of giving ready-made solutions or advice.

Benefits of Individual Counselling

This is well experienced that at Satyamani, when one shares their untold feelings and objectives of life, they feel lighter and gain clarity about their goals and path. They feel much energized and show positive changes in their profession and relationships.


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