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A Complete Guide To know about Rudraksha

Rudraksha is the dried tree seed that grows in South East Asia and is beneficial for promoting the health and well-being of a human. They are considered as the tears of Shiva and thus, promote your life spiritually. Thus, Rudraksha has the ability to take our tears and provide us with immense happiness and prosperity. Nowadays You can also Buy Rudraksha Online

In this guide, we shall discuss the different Rudrakshas and their importance in the life of an individual.


Benefits of Rudraksha

Some of the major advantages of Rudraksha are provided below:

  1. A person who recites God’s name using ordinary beads tends to receive only 1% while a person can gain 10,000% while reciting God’s name using the Rudraksha beads. 

  2. Even wearing the Rudraksha can reap you 1000% benefits that you may receive otherwise.

  3. Rudraksha has the ability to activate the working of Kundalini and thus, facilitates its action in the best way.

  4. It guards you against all the negative energies surrounding us in the best way.

Different Types of Rudraksha and their Significance

Rudraksha has a special role in the lives of individuals. There are certain types of Rudrakshas that play a pivotal role in different phases of life. So, let’s get started!

  1. Shanmukhi: It is generally worn by children below the age of 14 years. It helps in promoting the physical and mental development of the body.

  2. Panchamukhi: This Rudraksha is worn by anyone who is older than 14 years and has 5 faces. It is said to build purity and enhance freedom in the life of that individual.

  3. Dwimukhi: Married Couples wear it and it should be worn by both the partners as it facilitates the married life in a better way.

You can easily buy Rudraksha Online in Delhi by visiting the official site and enjoy life-long benefits in an easy way.



Right Time To Wear Rudraksha and how to clean it

Rudraksha beads can be worn in the form of a mala at all times. It is a pious and sacred mala and thus, you just need to take care that it doesn’t come in touch with any chemical. Other than that, water must be flowing through it which is a good sign. Also, if you intend to wear it forever, beads of Rudraksha should be conditioned in every 6 months as it is essential to maintain their luster and shine. Given below are some tips to wash them:

  1. No use of harmful chemicals or artificial cleaning agents should be used to clean this Rudraksha.

  2. You need to follow this simple 2-step guide: 1st Dip the Rudraksha beads in Ghee and then, put them in milk. In this way, the beads will be cleansed properly. After this, you can clean them using a clean cloth and wear it again.

Some Final Words

Now that you have learned about all the main points about Rudraksha and how to keep it clean, it is time to buy Rudraksha Online for your well-being.


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