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5 Tips to Follow While Buying Clothes for Newly Born Babies

When a baby is born, it brings a great amount of joy and happiness.Along with that starts a lovely series of responsibilities for the parents for bringing up the baby in a comfortable, healthy and happy manner.One of the first and the most common tasks in that regard is choosing and buying baby clothes. If you are a new parent and experiencing the same phase of life, then you just arrived at the right place. 

Satyamani is one of the most preferred destinations to buy newborn baby clothes online and being such an expert we are going to share some significant tips that can be helpful to you while selecting baby clothes to buy. Refer the following points for further information.



  • No Compromise with Comfort: Babies are more like a toy for new parents and they seek to decorate them with vibrant clothes. We would like to suggest that you should look more for the fabric type instead of colour and designs. Newborn babies have more extreme skin. Their comfort must be kept in mind choosing clothes for them. Prefer comfortable clothes made up of cotton and/or organic materials.

  • Body Size and Neck-Size: Size is an important element for clothes even while choosing for adults but becomes critical for newborn babies. You should definitely ensure that the size is comfortably fit according to the baby’s chest and back. It should be too tight as they can be suffocating for the baby. Remember, a baby tends to  lay on his back most of the times.Also, check the neck-size before finally picking them up.

  • Seasonal and Excessive Clothes:Many times parents tend to overboard the ‘care’ element and they wrap access of cloth around their baby like one wraps too much bubble-wrap around a precious and fragile material. You must keep the comfort of the baby in mind and make him/her wear only suitable and optimum amounts of clothes according to the season. Must ensure covering the sensitive body parts with utmost care and safety.

  • Don’t Buy Excess Clothes: As we all know, babies grow quickly. So don’t buy too many clothes for newborn babies at once. Parents are prone to underestimate the growth rate and buy an excess number of clothes at once. Though you may go for babywear shopping more times than you may have expected but buy less and buy the best newborn baby clothes.

  • Spend Rationally: While buying newborn baby clothes, never go to avail the cheapest clothes with a  ‘use and throw’ mindset. As we have mentioned earlier, you should never compromise the safety and comfort of the baby, so always keep these elements in higher priority than cost.


You can simply use all these elements regarding babywear at one stop-shop for babywear online in Delhi, that is, Satyamani. Explore our impressive range of comfortable and vibrant range of babywear and ensure lots of smiles for your baby by buying them for him/her.

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