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Once I was asked about the definition of life. Life is the combination of four letters i.e. l-i-f-e


L stand for Learningstands for learning

I stand for interest in others

F stands for faith in God and oneself

E stands for enterprises.


If we combine all these four meaning together, we really live life and if we remove any one out of these four we are not living life but just passing time.

Passing time! Of course the time allotted to our soul on the earth is fixed. The period is given to confess our past karmas and improve our self for next birth. But instead of utilizing the period we are doing something else. Certainly, it is just passing time as waiting at railway station for the train to come. At the right time the train will come and we will board in it and proceed to our next destination. Later on we realize that we have forgotten to have the water bottle from the station or forgotten to confirm our seat for connecting train, which is already delayed. Then simply we realize that instead of passing out time at the station we could have done those activities, which we had forgotten.




Learning means to acquire more and more information. When we meet anyone we can learn something from that person. It may seem to be very funny that we can learn something from that person. It may seem to be very funny that we can learn something from our servant,. How to obey master? How to justify and satisfy masters? How to work under rough conditions? How to control on our desires? Etc. could be learnt form that servant.

You had forgotten when you asked the servant to cook food even at the time when he was down with fever, the day you shouted on his minor mistakes and deducted his salary because he broke your crockery. Think over it if you were on the other side. You might have lost temper and abused the master. The patience we have learnt from that servant.

Can we learn from non-living things also? Just think some dead body is lying and people are talking about the valuables, which the body is wearing. They take out its valuables and leave the body for birds and animals to eat. Animals are eating that body. Oh no! This is too much. We cannot see why so? Dead body is nonliving thing even then we can’t’ cope with this sight. We may say that when they were alive they had a personal relation with us. But when they were alive we were not treating them wisely. No one is ready to keep dead body with themselves because that body became non-living. Apart from that all other non-living things like car house, etc. we decorate them and want to keep them with us forever. Why so? In fact we are materialistic. We see our benefits only, we learn that if we maintain non-living things well we can increase the life of that and can satisfy our desires. How the non-living thing attract us. This is really surprising e.g. we are passing through the bank of a river and all of a sudden one stone attract us, we pick it up and that stone proved the best for us.

Learning is a continuous process it has got no limit. In our life we cannot say that we have reached to the state of perfection. There is a latest example of that Bill Gates; a personality named for computer, said a person who hacked his programmed is certainly having more knowledge than him. The only problem is that how we utilize knowledge and can achieve the target. This could be done only when we utilize our information for making knowledge.

I recall one of the incidences when I was teaching in the class. I asked students to analyze me and explain my shortcomings. Surprisingly all those shortcomings of mine, were not noted by me or were overlooked by me during my workings. I improved those shortcomings and made my working more effective.

Learning is a continuous process and if we continue learning then we lives only in present and we forget about past and not bother about future.




Interest in others is very important in life. We should not become selfish. More and more we develop interest in others, we will get their blessings. Let us understand it by one of the examples. We are passing through a road, when we find that one person is stuck up because of his vehicle, which went out of order. He wants our help because he has to reach in time for some specific purpose. If we hear him and help him he will bless us. The time he blessed us positive thinking transmitted in the air and developed appositive environment.

One can ask a question shall we help others for credit or for blessings. The answer is very simple. Blessing should come through heart. If we show our interest in other it results to better path for us.


Help others without any expectation? The reward is for our benefit. Let us understand by an example. We instruct our young ones for not doing activities, which are not for their benefit; even then, if they perform that activity, they get punishment by seniors. Now why senior has taken action? Simply they wanted to protect the young. The same way, God is our senior, who warns us for the activities, which are not to be performed. But if we perform, we get punishment. We can understand now that whatever the punishment given to us was for our benefit.


One should work for others and not be selfish. When we develop interest in others we learn more and more which help us in increasing knowledge. This knowledge and blessings developed are protecting a wall around us, which guards us from all negative surroundings. The more we work for others; more auras will be cleaned and become stronger. The question may arise how our aura will become stronger? Our aura is developed with our thinking. The strength of our aura depends upon positive thinking. Therefore we should develop interest in others.




We pray to God everyday but in fact, this is not the right praying. Prayer comes through heart. God never asks us to sit in temple or any holy place to pray. God is every where. God is in our heart. God is in us. We are God and therefore it is said – faith in God and one self. Whatever we have done, treat it as it was the action of God. We have everything on God. The more we rely on God the more life becomes easy for us. Let us understand this by an example. Father asks his daughter to get up in the midnight and move out with him for some work. Daughter will move out with her father without having any doubt. Why so? Simply, daughter has faith on her father and one self. The time any person enquires a lot before performing a job, it indicates that person has got no faith.


We all are a part of God, why God will do injustice for us. Let us say, do not rely on God but at least have faith in you. The person says that I have not taken the liquor; I was forced by my friends to take it, I became terror because pupil made me so. We do not agree with this. In fact, you had lost faith in yourself. Whatever the circumstances may be, one should not lose confidence on oneself. We all are powerful; subject to the condition we recognize our power. We can realize our power only when we have faith in our self. Whatever is going on is all determined. A priest remains in the temple throughout the day and night but still remains unsatisfied. While we go to the temple for few minutes and our desire is fulfilled because of the simple reason that we have faith in God.




One should have will power to work under any circumstances. Time keeps on moving. Some day we say we are successful and some day we cry of having bad luck. In fact, one should not think in this way. We should adjust ourselves in all spheres of life. Let us understand by an example. We are going to a hill station. The route from our house to hill station is not same throughout. The road may be smooth somewhere and may have pothole somewhere as well. Should we stop our journey or change the destination? Never like this. Once we have decided, we will reach to that destination. The same way we have determined our target to meet God. Our destination is fixed. Death is determined. We can not leave earth at our own discretion then whatever the pothole may come on the road of life we will face it. There is no need to cry. It is better to enhance your will power and overpass that portion of life. Once we comer to know what life is and start living it we are ready to face success that will come in our lives.


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